Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. Whether NRIs are eligible to apply in this scheme ?


NRIs are not eligible to apply for the Rajiv Swagruha. It is meant for the people who are ordinarily residing in Andhra Pradesh for the last five years anywhere in the State of Andhra Pradesh as on the date of 01-01-2007.


  1. What are the places in which the Apartments are being constructed ?


Apartments are being constructed in 6 Municipal areas having a population of more than 5 lakhs. Elsewhere i.e., other than Municipalities, independent houses as brought out in the advertisement will be constructed subject to adequate demand being there. Minimum demand for construction of independent houses is 100 in a Municipality.


  1. Whether the self-employed people can apply and who will certify their income ?


Yes – Self employed people can apply and they should carry a Certificate from the MRO.


  1. Any reservations ?


No reservations are there for this particular scheme as it is demand driven and number is not a problem.


  1. Independent houses are constructed in which areas and at what cost and what would be the EMI ?


Independent houses will be constructed in Municipal areas having below 5 lakh population. The cost is depending upon the land acquisition based on the demand survey. Land will be acquired and then only cost of the Flat as well as EMI can be arrived at.


  1. Whether a person having an income of more than Rs.25,000/- can apply for the 1450.00 Sft. ?


No.            Persons having income of more than Rs.25,000/- are not contemplated to be covered under this Scheme.


  1. Whether Higher Income Group man can apply for 1st Category Flats i.e., 464 Sft. ?


No.            The income category and the type of house linkage has been given in the advertisement i.e.,


Rs. 6,000/- to Rs. 10,000/-                    :            450 Sft Flat

Rs.10,000/- to Rs.15,000/-                  :            686 Sft Flat

Rs.15,000/- to Rs.20,000/-                  :            1150 Sft Flat

Rs.20,000/- to Rs.25,000/-                  :            1450 Sft Flat



  1. Whether a person who owns a Flat at Vizag can apply for a Flat at Hyderabad ?


Yes.            A person who owns a Flat at Vizag can apply for a flat at Hyderabad provided, no accommodation is standing in his name or house of his family members in greater Hyderabad / HUDA area.


  1. Since this is a demand survey, whether all the applicants who ever will apply will get flats / houses of their choice or not ?


Applications will be scrutinized and multiple applications will be rejected. The verification of applications will be done as per the IRIS data available with the Government. Progressively every one will be covered in the Scheme.


  1. Whether a person who has born in Andhra Pradesh completed his education and for the purpose of employment is residing in other States, is he eligible to apply in this Scheme in conformity of his income eligibility ?


No.            Every applicant will have the eligibility of having stayed for the last 5 years preceding to 01-01-2007 anywhere in the State.


  1. What will happen if the application is found to be false ?


The entire deposit amount will be forfeited and the applicant / person will not be eligible for allotment of a Flat under Rajiv Swagruha Scheme any time during his life time.


  1. Can one person collect Multiplicity of applications i.e., one in Hyderabad and another in any other Municipality ?


No.            If any person submits multi-city applications, both the applications will be rejected as well as both the deposits will be forfeited apart from getting blacklisted.


  1. If a person got a smaller flat, can he apply for a better flat ?


No.            So long as any person is holding any house in the urban area for which he is seeking accommodation, he will not be eligible for allotment of a house / flat.


  1. Who will be implementing Agency ?


Though the A.P.Housing Board is co-ordinating the demand survey, eventually construction of the flats will be carried out by (1) Andhra Pradesh Housing Board (APHB), (2) Andhra Pradesh Industrial Infrastructure Corporation (APIIC) and (3) Urban Development Authorities (UDA) in the State.


  1. How will I know that where exactly I am being allotted a flat ?


Kindly take note based on the demand survey, land will be acquired for the number of applications received in the demand survey. Subsequently, the work will be distributed among the APHB, APIIC & UDAs concerned. All the three organizations will take up land acquisition in different locations. The applications will be allotted on random basis to these three agencies. At this point of time, it is not possible to point out, what are the locations for which land acquisition will take place.

  1. Suppose I do not like the location, can I withdraw from the Scheme ?


So long as you are not rejected in the scrutiny, you can withdraw from the scheme at any point of time without forfeiture of deposit. However, Rs.250/- will be collected along with your application and is not refundable.


  1. I have got a House outside the Municipal limits of Vizag, can I apply now ?


No.            All applicants of Hyderabad, Vijayawada and Vizag will have to satisfy the condition that they do not have a house within the UDA / Greater City area.


  1. I have got a piece of land in the urban area but I did not have a house, can I apply in the Rajiv Swagruha ?


No.            If the land is available with you, you can construct on the same.


  1. Can I have any idea with regard to cost of the House / Apartment being taken up under Rajiv Swagruha ?


The cost of the House / Apartment will be arrived at depending upon the cost of the land acquired and cost of the construction. As you know, land cost can vary from one location of the city to the other location. Similarly construction cost can vary based on type of construction is taken up. But it suffice to tell you that whatever will be the position, the estimate of the Government will be able to give a house which will be atleast 25% less than the prevailing market rate at that particular area.


  1. When will all these things will be delivered ?


Based on the demand survey, the entire demand will be arrived at. Thereafter scrutiny will take place and simultaneously land acquisition process will start and if the land is acquired, then only contract will be called for, for construction of the Apartments / Houses. It is contemplated that within a period of ‘3’ years in most locations, the Houses / Apartments can be provided to the applicants.


  1. How can I apply for a House / Apartment under this Scheme ?


You should go to any e-Seva Centre pertaining to that Municipality or Municipal Corporation, collect an Application Form by paying Rs.250/- and after filling in the application form along with the required certification, deposit back the same application in the same e-Seva Centre yourself.


We have opened a Call Centre called Rajiv Swagruha No.1100.


All your enquiries about the scheme pertaining to a particular Town / City, the Call Centre employees will try to reply to the extent possible. If they cannot reply immediately, they will take time, verify with the implementing agencies, the details etc. and you can call back after 10 days to receive the information.


  1. Do we need to go to APHB / APIIC / UDA ?


No.            It is not required. Both for the purchase of the applications and submission of the application forms, your only contact point is e-Seva Centre. For clarifying your doubts, you should call Rajiv Swagruha Centre by dialing 1100 which is a Toll-Free Number.


  1. What is the scheme for people having earning above Rs.25,000/- per Month ?


As on today, there is no such scheme for the people with the earning of more than Rs.25,000/- per month. If the Government revises the Scheme to this effect, it will be advertised in the News Papers.


  1. My wife has got a house in her name and I do not have a house. Can I apply for a Flat under the Rajiv Swagruha Scheme ?


No.            If any member of the family i.e., Husband / Wife / Dependent, unmarried Children is having a house in any one of the above family member, others are not eligible for allotment of a House under Rajiv Swagruha Phase – II Scheme.


  1. Unmarried children of a family can they apply for a house under the Rajiv Swagruha Scheme ?


Yes.            They can apply for allotment of a house under this Scheme provided they would satisfy other conditions of the Scheme such as they do not have / own any house in their name income limits / residential status etc.


  1. Can anybody submit the Application Form on somebody’s behalf ?


No.            Only the applicant himself has to submit the filled in Application Form personally with all the required documents.