Registration services offered by AP Online

AP Online provides a registration service through which business firms, chit fund companies, entrepreneurs setting up industries and such others, can register themselves with the respective GoAP departments.

The firms/organizations which register themselves with the government through AP Portal have to do so by filling an online application form. This application form is submitted to the proper registering authority. For example, the application form for provisional SSI registration is submitted to the Commisionerate of Industries.

In addition to the application form submitted online, certain attachments may also have to be submitted by the firm requesting registration for the purpose of governmental verification.

After the registration application form is submitted and the respective GoAP authorities process the application, a certificate is issued to the firm/unit as a proof of registration. In addition to firms and companies, registrations pertaining to individuals viz. birth registrations, marriage registrations etc. can also be obtained through AP Online.

The following registration requests can be submitted through AP Online:

  • Provisional SSI registration
  • Property registrations
  • Marriage registrations
  • Birth Registration
The following registrations can be verified through AP Online: